Starr's work as an abstract artist has been displayed at galleries all over the United States including New York and San Francisco. His work has been recognized as ground breaking and has drawn comparisons to the work of Jackson Pollock and Marc Chagall.

"Lyrical and emotionally evocative, Sean Starr’s intensely realized paintings capture the viewer’s interest at first sight. Starr’s fluid, spontaneous style is reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s action painting, while his imaginative color choice and thick pigments recall the work of Chagall. Starr has created his own version of Abstract Expression, one that incorporates the immediacy of inspiration. His complex rendering of light and shadow adds a meditative dimension to his vivid color choices; the viewer sees a comprehensive wholeness to his canvases. His compositions recall the movement of a wild dance, in which the viewer is as free to participate as the artist himself."
Gallery Director, Angela Di Bello: Agora Gallery, New York


"What You Think, You Become" University of Washington, Tacoma, Washington
"Lyrical Abstraction" Agora Gallery New York, New York
"The Napa Series" Frank Family Vineyards Calistoga, California
"The Napa Series" Dominari Vineyards Napa, California
"The Napa Series" Casa Nuestra Vineyards St. Helena, California
"The Napa Series" Rocca Family Vineyards Napa, California
"The Napa Series" Peju Province Rutherford, California
"The Napa Series" Zahtila Vineyards Calistoga, California
"The Napa Series" V. Sattui Winery St. Helena, California
"The Napa Series" Markham Vineyards St. Helena, California
"The Napa Series" Pine Ridge Winery Napa, California
"The Napa Series" Corison Winery St. Helena, California
"The Napa Series" Grgich Hills Estate St. Helena, California
"An American Language" Guerrero Gallery San Francisco, California
"Sign Writers" Phsh Tank Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Matthew Hoffman's You Are Beautiful" Gallerie F Gallery Chicago, Illinois
"Sign Painters" Marcas Gallery Santa Ana, California
"Love Letters from Limerick" Limerick School for Arts & Design’s FabLab Gallery Limerick, Ireland
"Cedars Open Studio Tour" Full City Rooster Dallas, Texas
"American Tattoo: As Ancient as Time, As Modern as Tomorrow" Museum of Street Culture/Full City Rooster Dallas, Texas
“REFUELED: Art. Photography. Object.” Starr Gallery, Dallas, Texas
“For Hire: Contemporary Sign Painting in America” Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston, Texas

Sean Starr Abstract Painting: University of Washington, Tacoma Washington

Sean Starr Abstract Painting: Workspace Gallery, San Francisco, California